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Environmental Friendly

FRP Lite is a premium manufacturer and provider of fiberglass reinforced plastic doors and frames for corrosive environments and high traffic institutions where quality and performance are not an option. Every product we manufacture illustrates a unique and innovative approach to product design and technology. It is from this creative foundation that FRP Lite has build its reputation as a company dedicated to consistently meet the performance requirements of its customers through its two innovative door series Simon Door and Skule door.

Simon Doors and Skule doors are manufactured using only the most advanced composite materials and technology. Every component is engineered, designed and constructed specifically for superior door construction. Backed up with 35 years of experience in the fiberglass door industry, FRP Lite was able to create two series of doors that can meet and exceed all the expectations in the industry. If the application dictates, resin formulation will conform to USDA and FDA standards for incidental food contact.

Skule door is a beautiful architectural fiberglass pebbled finish door that holds strong against corrosion, graffiti and scratches making Skule door the smart choice for all schools, universities, hospitals, and any environment where reliability and strength does not have to be compromised for beauty.

Simon door is a tough commercial industrial door that was created to perform in environments such as wastewater treatment plants, salt rooms, zoos, theme parks, and coastal and marine environments. This door is lightweight, but strong enough to survive any extreme or harsh environment. There are no dissimilar materials to rust, corrode or oxidize. Our smooth, seamless design and gel coat and or molded in color finish makes these doors completely impervious to corrosion and contaminants.

Only fiberglass doors will last the test of time, guaranteed!! The versatile nature of our door series design makes FRP Lite door the smart choice and best choice for all your projects. Available in almost any size and configuration, FRP Lite can manufacture the door to the customer's exact specifications. We strongly believe that from wastewater treatment plants and paper mills to hospitals and universities and especially schools, FRP Lite is the solution for all your fiberglass door needs.

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